Best Cydia Apps for your iDevice

December 7, 2015

Cydia has some of the best and most useful apps ever to become available to the iPhone and iPhone; however, they are extremely hard to find unless you know what they are. As you may know, Cydia is only available to the iPhone and iPod once it has been jailbroken; however, Cydia is one of the best directories of applications that you will ever use. The amazing thing about Cydia is that you can continuously add sources to it, so the amount of applications that become available is literally unlimited.

Although the amount of applications that become available with the program is an astonishing number, there are only a few that can be considered to be worth the download. A good chunk of the applications that you will find in Cydia do not get the complete job done, are filled with bugs, or are simply not that great; however, this article provides you with a list and description that will save you time, and effort. These applications can all be found in Cydia, are all useful, and all of them run nearly flawlessly. You should definitely take a look on Amazon for the lowest prices on iPhone hard cases.

Open SSH

This is one of the most useful applications that is available through Cydia...if you know how to use it. This app allows you to wirelessly link your iPod or iPhone to your computer so that you can share and edit files. However, the only downside is that this app is rather hard to master. You may seem confused during the first 5 times that you use it, but with some perseverance and practice, you will surely use it flawlessly in no time.


This application is the best one that is available through Cydia in regards to customizing y

SNES 4 iPhone

This Cydia app can be considered gold in regards to entertainment on your iPod or iPhone. It allows you to play SNES roms on your iPod or iPhone, and emulates the contr


This is the Cydia app that is the gateway to all of the apps from the app store. This Cydia app contains all of the cracked versions of practically all of the apps that are available for download in the app store. This is definitely a must have when you have after you have jailbroken your iPod or iPhone and have installed Cydia. If you can imagine downloading those apps that cost as much as a full day at work for free, than you should definitely make it a point to download Installous. It works similar to the Apple's app store in that it has apps grouped into categories and top 25 lists; however, all of the apps are free!

SB Settings

If you like quick access to all of the most important settings on your iPod or iPhone than


This Cydia app is amazing for all of those iPod and iPhone users that love organization. Simply put, this app allows you to create categorical folders that contain whichever apps that you want. This way you can organize apps in other ways than by merely placing them on different pages. In addition to the organizational features, this Cydia app will allow you to free up room for more apps. The original iPod and iPhone app capacity is 9 pages of 16 apps, plus the 4 that are held on the dock; the amazing thing about Categories is that each individual folder contains the same capacity as the iPod and iPhone originally contained as a whole. This increases the max capacity to nearly an unlimited amount!

MX Tube

This is the perfect Cydia app for all of the youtubers out there. Have you ever

Cydia, with it adding sources feature, allows for a directory of thousands of apps; however, all of these Cydia apps are not considered amazing. Most of them are fairly good, but there are only a limited few that can be considered great. The Cydia apps that were listed above are the best in terms of practicality, function, lack of bugs, and entertainment; they can be considered nearly essential for any iPod and iPhone that has been jailbroken. If you haven't already downloaded them, give them a try and I am sure that you won't be disappointed.


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